Pelham Razorbacks

The Pelham Razorbacks, founded in 1972, are a proud member of the New Hampshire Youth Football & Spirit Conference (NHYFSC) and is affiliated nationally with the American Youth Football (AYF) and American Youth Cheer (AYC) organizations. AYF/AYC is the largest youth football and cheer organization in the world! This organization has over 1 million members with leagues in all 50 states.

Pelham Razorbacks

Our Mission & Goals

The specific objectives of the program are to familiarize all youth 7-13 years of age with the fundamentals of football and cheer, to provide an opportunity to compete in a supervised, organized and safe environment and to keep the welfare of our participants free of adverse moral or social impact.

To firmly implant in the minds of youths the ideals of good sportsmanship, scholarship and personal integrity so that they may become valuable contributing members of society and our community. The objectives will be achieved by providing supervised and competitive youth football teams and cheerleading squads. Coaches and all volunteers are trained and supervised that the molding of future adults is of prime importance. The attainment of exceptional athletic skills and winning of a game is secondary. Membership will have no bearing in the composition of any team.

2023 represents the 51st anniversary of our program and everyone recognizes we live in a different world than we did in 1972. However, one thing that has not changed over this time is that the Pelham Razorbacks would not be able to exist without the selfless hours of all its volunteers. There have been countless State and Regional championships along the way in both football and cheer highlighted by a 2015 National Championship in Cheer and a 2010 football season that went undefeated at all levels culminating with State Championships and 1 New England Regional Championship.

However, as exciting as championships and winning can be, the Pelham Razorbacks will never be a “win at all costs” program as the friendships and life lessons the children take from their time with us is our proudest accomplishment. This is evidenced by the numerous young adults that return during their high school years to serve as student assistants. We invite you and your family to check out our program and help create memories for the next 50 years!

Board Members

Josh Glynn

Football Director

Melissa Rickards

Cheer Director

Dave O’Donnell

Field Director

Bonnie Caggianelli


Kelly Vanti


Kevin Poliquin

Vice President

Jen Henriquez

Fundraising Director

Shawna Wood


Kate Greenwood

Concessions Director

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