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Pelham Razorbacks cheer is a FAMILY. We work together day in and day out to provide a fun, exhilarating, and high-energy experience. Practices consist of weekly conditioning, tumbling, stunting, sidelines, choreography, and lots more.  We start with the basics in order to allow everyone to learn together.

Fundamentals are always taught first so that we can confidently work our way to the top! Razorbacks cheer is coached by an experienced coaching staff who want the best for each individual athlete and the team.  We grow, learn, compete, and shine TOGETHER. Cheer is truly a TEAM sport and each and every athlete is important.



Our Philosophy

1. Our first and most important philosophy is to have FUN.

    • Everyone participates
    • Enjoy practices as much as the games and competitions

2. Our second philosophy is to be focused on CHEER.

    • Learn the fundamentals
    • Progress in skill level

3. Our third philosophy is to commit to FITNESS.

    • Get fit and practice with purpose
    • 110% at each practice, game, and competition

4. Our fourth philosophy be s healthy FAMILY.

    • Everyone supports one another
    • We are friends inside and outside of cheer

Cheer Division & Levels

DivisionAgesSkill Level
Tiny Mites5-71
Division 85-81 & 2
Division 107-101 & 2
Division 129-121, 2 & 3
Division 1411-141, 2, 3 & 4

Age cut off for all Divisions is July 31st.


Cheer Coaches

Britney Duclos

Tiny Mites Head Coach

Melissa Rickards

D8 Head Coach

Meagan Diaz

D12 Head Coach
Pelham Razorbacks

2023 Cheer Competitions

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