Razorbacks Football

Our PRINCIPLES are to play the game right, play fair, play hard-nosed, play with fire and to always honor the game.

It is the goal of the Pelham Razorbacks to be a respected leader in both the football community and in the town of Pelham. A key part of that is the example that is set by our coaching staff and our athlete’s parents.

We structure our program so that NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. Our EXPERIENCED COACHING STAFF will help develop your child’s FOOTBALL SKILLS which will greatly his athletic abilities. Your child will also be outfitted in the industry’s BEST & SAFEST EQUIPMENT.


Our Philosophy

1. Our first and most important philosophy is to have FUN.

    • Everyone participates and plays
    • Enjoy practices as much as the games

2. Our second philosophy is to focus on FOOTBALL.

    • Learn the fundamentals
    • Understand the game

3. Our third philosophy is to commit to FITNESS.

    • Get fit and practice with purpose
    • Play hard from the first play to the fourth quarter

4. Our fourth philosophy is to be a healthy FAMILY.

    • Everyone supports one another
    • Teammates  become friends

Football Divisions & Ages


Age cut off for all Divisions is July 31st.


Football Coaches

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